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Queen Elizabeth declares London Olympic Games open

Queen Elizabeth declares London Olympic Games open. London Olympic Games have opened with athletes from 204 countries and territories taking part.This is  the 3rd time the British capital has hosted the Olympics, the most for any city in Olympic history.

Nearly  80,000 spectators gathered for the opening ceremony that began at the Olympic Stadium at 9 PM on Friday.They watched performances featuring Britain's countryside and the Industrial Revolution from the 18th to 19th centuries.The spectacle was followed by the athletes marching into the stadium.

British athletes were cheered loudly when they paraded into the stadium as the final delegation.
Queen Elizabeth declared the Games open, followed by the lighting of the Olympic flame by 7 young British athletes.The athletes each lit a tiny flame at the stadium's center, which ignited a larger flame.More than 10,000 athletes will compete in 26 events through August 12th.London Games started at Olympic Stadium on Friday evening.The ceremony began with an extravaganza featuring various aspects of British history, culture, and tradition.


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