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From the Local to Regional: Who is Planning Urban India and How?May 31, 2016 Naresh Kumar Sagar Who is Planning Urban India and How?Sanjeev Vidyarthi Who does Urban Planning ? Who is making the plans shaping fast-growing Indian cities and their metropolitan regions? The presentation, which shares preliminary findings of this research, is organized in two parts. The first part describes the changing perception of spatial plans within the planning discipline. Plans, for example, are no longer seen as precise and predictive in character but incremental and provisional by nature. There is a growing recognition that a diverse range of actors (homeowners, squatters, developers, politicians etc.) make different kinds of plans (informal, tacit, spontaneous, incremental and more) as they anticipate and prepare for an uncertain future in an increasingly urbanized world. The second part of presentation will then illustrate the wide variety of existing and emergent urban actors and their plans tha…