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US prepares for total troop pullout from Afghanistan after 2014 US President Barack Obama has instructed the Pentagon to acknowledge the likelihood that there will be no US troops remaining in Afghanistan after the year is over. According to Obama’s order, the Pentagon should “ensure that it has adequate plans in place to accomplish an orderly withdrawal by the end of the year should the United States not keep any troops in Afghanistan after 2014,” the White House said in a statement seen by Reuters. The message was also delivered to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, who has shied away from signing a much-debated bilateral security agreement that would allow the US to keep troops in the country for training and anti-terror purposes.

Suicide car bomb in Afghanistan kills 7 Seven people have been killed and a further 42 injured in a suicide car bombing at a busy restaurant in southern Afghanistan. The blast occurred Tuesday evening, and the death toll could rise due to the severit…
64th National Basketball Championship, New Delhi Defending Champions Uttarakhand and Indian Railways Start Their Campaign With A Win 26th February 2014: Defending Champions Uttarakhand Men and Indian Railways Women started their campaign of 64th National Basketball Championship on a winning note defeating Indian Railways 68-62 and West Bengal 68-40 respectively on the opening day of the championship.
In the match between Uttarakhand and Indian Railways both teams were matching basket for basket throughout the game. Scores were tied at 15 in the first quarter and Uttarakhand managed to nudge past Indian Railways 68-62 at half time. The third quarter saw Indian Railways taking a 45-39 lead. Amritpal Singh scored a double-double with 25 Points (22 Rebounds), Riyaz Uddin 16 (two 3 pointers) and Yadwinder Singh finished with12 points for Uttarakhand. Gagandeep Singh scored 20 and Prakesh Mishra added 10 points for Indian Railways.
Manisha Dange, Krishnan Radha and S Kokila scored 12 points a…
Fastest car hits 435km per hour in US26022014
United States engineers have developed the world’s fastest car with a top speed of an incredible 435 kilometres per hour. US firm Hennessey’s Venom GT set the new record for the fastest car in the world during a test run at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.Venom beat the previous best record of 431km/h set by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
Venom GT is a stretched Lotus Exige with a 7.0-litre, 927kW twin-turbo V8 wedged between its axles.
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26022014 India, China agree on host of defence cooperation measures Posted on February 26, 2014 by  Standard Pushing their defence engagement, India and China on Monday agreed on a slew of measures, including holding of joint Army exercise this year and strengthening maritime security cooperation while maintaining peace and tranquility on the dispute border. At the 6th Annual Defence Dialogue here, the…
Daler Mehndi launched ‘Jawani Express’25022014

Daler Mehndi launched ‘Jawani Express’, a full-length Hindi music album by Jasbeer Singh through his home label DRecords at hotel Lalit, Barakhamba Road. The launch of Jasbeer gains in significance as it not just marks the fulfillment of Indi-Pop King Daler Mehndi’s public commitment of launching Jasbeer and new talent.
Commenting on the launch Daler Mehndi said: “I was lucky enough to come from a family and legacy of music and thanks to God and my fans, my music journey has been one of fulfillment and fun. I had decided very early on itself that I would use my position to help newer talent especially those from across the country who are not so privileged get a good platform to not just get noticed and launch their music but to also in the process help enrich the industry with these young prodigies”.
“I had met Jasbeer many years ago on the sidelines of a concert at Gulbarga where he had approached me and taken me up on my publi…

COMPETITION INFORMATION 1.Venue: Thyagarja Indoor Stadium, New Delhi 2.Dates: 26th February 2014 to 5th March 2014 3.Format: League cum knockout. Classification upto 10th place. Loser knockout. 4.Groups: Level 1 – A & B Groups    Level 2 – C, D, E &F Groups 5.Team Bench The First Named team in the programme shall occupy the bench on the left side of the scorers table/ The second named team in the programme shall occupy the bench on the right side of the scorer’s table.   6.Uniform: The first named team in the programme shall wear WHITE uniform.  The second named team in the programme shall wear DARK colour uniform. 7.Protest: As per the rules of the BFI along with a fee of Rs 2000/- (Rupees Two thousand only) …