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AAP reduce electricity prices by 50 per cent31122013
  Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal  promise of power price reduction upto 50% today held a press meet after a cabinet meeting, Kejriwal said there will be a 50 per cent cut in electricity prices up to a consumption of 400 units. Rates will be reduced further when the CAG audit is complete.  His major pre-poll promises was that he would half the cost of electricity in Delhi if AAP was elected.
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Habitat World at India Habitat Centre programs31122013

Oct FDI declines by about 37%

Oct FDI declines by about 37% TheFDI equity inflows for the month of Oct 2013 are estimated at around US$ 1.22 bn as against about US$ 1.94 bn in Oct 2012, posting negative growth (Y-o-Y) of around (-) 37%. The growth in FDI equity inflows stands at around (-) 37.7% in Sep 2013, (-) 38% in Aug 2013, 12% in July 2013, 16% in June 2013, 23% in May 2013 and 25% in April 2013. Trend in growth of FDI equity inflows over the months                                                                                   (in %)       Source: PHD Research Bureau compiled from Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion. The total FDI equity inflows, in the period April-Oct 2013-14 are estimated at around US$ 12.6 bn; representing negative growth of around (-) 15% over the FDI equity inflows of about US$ 14.8 bn for the corresponding period last year.  Recent trend in FDI equity inflows (FY 2014) Financial Year 2013- 2014 (April-March) Amount of FDI equity inflows