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Nikol Pashinyan nominated PM

Nikol Pashinyan formally gets to his wish  for the post of prime minister by his supporters, after two weeks of protests. Nikol  Pashinyan asked his supporters to a halt to protests in order to deliberate  with all political forces ahead of a crucial vote on Tuesday. He told the massive gathering of his supporters that he was ready for the role. “Looking into your eyes, I can say that yes, I am ready — with a great sense of responsibility to assume the prime ministerial duties,” Pashinyan said.
Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan (2nd-R) attends a meeting with members of parliament in Yerevan on April 30, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
Pashinyan,the solo candidate in the running for the premiership  with pursuing  his leadership can get rid of  Armenia of corruption and poverty and conduct free and fair parliamentary elections. Nikol  the former newspaper editor need votes from the ruling Republican Party, a majority of seats in parliament  to seal his premiership in a vote by lawmakers on Tuesday.
Protesters began a march in the Armenian capital, Yerevan Sunday after protest leader Nikol Pashinyan urged supporters to resume demonstrations and block roads following more than two weeks of street protests. Despite “a certain progress,” the MP called on “non-violent actions of civil disobedience,” Interfax quoted him as saying during a Facebook Live broadcast.
Armenia has been gripped by mass protests since April 13, following former President Serzh Sargsyan’s election as new prime minister. Sargsyan resigned from the office this week, while the ruling Republican party chose not to run its candidate.
media agencies

Putin praises Korean peace talks

Russia will keep contributing to mending ties between South and North Korea, President Vladimir Putin told his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in in a phone call on Sunday, according to the Kremlin press service. The leaders assessed commitments reached during the Friday summit between Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “positive,” particularly noting the common goal of complete denuclearization on the peninsula. Putin highlighted the “importance of further efforts of all parties involved [in a] political and diplomatic solution.”

Today is May Day!

Today is Labour Day, or May Day, as a symbol of unity of workers worldwide. Here is another round of random reflections for your perusal:
  • Most Indian cities are crowded and chaotic. Unplanned growth and informal settlements make urban planning quite a challenge. However, Ahmedabad seems to have made these challenges into practical opportunities. The city is clean; its pavements are used by pedestrians; and, traffic on the road does follow some rules. It can be said to have ‘disciplined informality’. As a UNESCO Heritage city, Ahmedabad is living up to its name. How can other cities become so ‘smart’ too?
  • I have been observing that urinals in public places seem to have no standards. In my visits to restaurants, railway stations, airports, offices, cinemas etc., I find each men’s room has its own design for urinals. I am a man of average height—5 feet 6 inches. But, I find some urinals too high, some too low, some very wide, some not so. Likewise, the partitions between urinals are also of varying heights, designs, sizes and materials. I do not whether such realities exist in women’s toilets, but surely such necessities of life can be standardised?
  • Much concerns have been lately raised about privacy of personal data on Facebook and other social media. It seems that mere acts of saying hello or clapping result in ‘pulling out’ of all of one’s genealogy, history and mailing lists. Being connected is a huge risk today. Is isolation a solution? Or, we return to hand-written notes through ‘snail’s’ speed, mail system? At least, our private love letters would remain private? And choice of one friendship need not be in ‘sight’ of others?
  • As a city, London is perhaps the most inclusive place for all nationalities, cultures and foods. It has a certain charming way of combining the old and the new. Many historical sites and neighbourhoods, popularised through English literature over the centuries, have been ‘re-created’ in contemporary comfortable forms. Despite its urban expanding concrete, it has maintained its parks and gardens for access and use by all. No wonder, many young people from around the world gravitate to London.
  • Many sports have been a part of English life over history. But soccer occupies a special status these days. UK is one of the few places where mechanisms for betting on matches and players are legally well established. One can bet on the soccer ground before the start of the match by simply filling short form and making a payment. One can bet on winners, goal scorers, time of scoring, etc. etc. And, the practice seems to be very popular not only for soccer but for all sorts of events. It is one sure way to reduce illegal betting and associated match-fixing that goes on in other countries like India.
All the very best
Rajesh Tandon

Interaction with Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn,

Interaction with Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine
1000 – 1200 hrs.: 7th May 2018
Hall No 3 Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra,
15-A, 15B And 15D, Dr.Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021
CII is organizing an interaction with Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine on 7 May 2018 from 1000 hrs onwards at the Hall No 3 Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra, Chanakyapuri.
The objective of Mayor’s visit to India is look for business prospects in the fields of IT, solar energy, and infrastructure projects among others.
I am writing to invite you to join us for this exclusive interaction with Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, Mayor of Zhytomyr. The profile of Zhytomyr region of Ukraine can be found here
Please confirm your participation by 3rd May 2018.
I look forward to your response.

Netanyahu: Here,Iran secret nuclear files.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed what he says are “secret nuclear files” proving Iran covertly pursued nuclear weapons.
Speaking at Israel’s defence ministry, He said thousands of pages of material obtained by Israel showed Iran had deceived the world by denying it had ever sought nuclear weapons.
Iran agreed in 2015 to curb its nuclear energy programme in return for the lifting of sanctions. It maintained that it had only been pursuing nuclear energy.
US President Donald Trump has long threatened to scrap the deal, which was reached under his predecessor, Barack Obama.
Speaking from Israel’s defence ministry in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu showed off what he said were “exact copies” of documents obtained by Israeli intelligence from a secret storage facility in Tehran. There were, he said, 55,000 pages of evidence and a further 55,000 files on 183 CDs. “Here’s what the files included: incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more,” he said.
“These files conclusively prove that Iran was brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons programme,” he added.
The files had been shared with the US, Netanyahu said, and would be submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says Iran is a threat and urges more sanctions.
Inputs rediff. Al jazeera News Channels

The problem of Congress ?

Congress Party, with best of brains the old guard is languishing at the lowest level. But Congress President Rahul Gandhi is working with his youth brigade and the excursive meeting was held yesterday at International Youth Hostel so with trusted  workers,professional and executive of the party with continuous training party is preparing its Human Resources for its furtherance of political ideology.
With BJP workers being unsatisfied with no charming offers from the party as chairman and as many workers expressing their displeasure in public.
BJP tightening its belt on ranks with distancing from media, BJP top brass eye on 2109 election. Development plank of BJP  with even exaggeration is making sense in Bihar, UP, and North East states whereas in South an uphill task for the BJP to brace for the ensuing election.  
In Indian politics one party loss is another gain thus two brands has evenly poised with BJP giving tough competition in Modi Era.
Our researchers has the view:
Rahul Gandhi and 40 Prime Ministers – None Serious:
May01, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh
The problem of Congress is that it has 1+40 Prime Ministers – all its MPshave up to 50 years of experience and tons of money – they all dream to be Prime Minister, most have been Union Cabinet Ministers, or Governors or Chief Ministers or held some Constitution Position already like Leader of Opposition.
Even the ones to have lost in 2014 General Elections and returned to parliament through Rajya Sabha still believe they are Cabinet Ministers – live in New Delhi Bungalows or Farm Houses. They are inaccessible and too busy, their Phones and E-Mails are inaccessible.
There are Senior Congressmen in other parties also.
They are well past the age of Struggle to establish in Congress Party – it is picnic time.
When Jan Aakrosh Rally should have passed through entire country at Harvest Time and farmers issues, When Youth Are Seeking Admissions to Schools and Colleges, Seeking Jobs and Contracts as Funds are released from April01 for the year, Peak of Water & Power Crisis – Congress organized a pigmy show at Ramlila Maidan.
Instead of Sweating on Highways of India spend few minutes under a tent.
When Rahul will be away for 15 days on Mansarovar Yatra that too on eve of Karnataka Elections – it shall be long holiday for the party.
Opposition parties have kept Congress out and not keen to partner with it in upcoming Lok Sabha 2019 elections.
Kapil Sibal & Shiela Dikshit – tragedy of Congress who bungled up as Union Minister and Chief Minister then Bungled up on Impeachment Motion and Lost UP Polls were missing from the rally. Also missing were Fake Einsteins – Jairam Ramesh and Sam Pitroda.
No one is serious in Congress.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

Amber Rudd Resigns

UK home secretary  Amber Rudd resigns on migrants policy.UK PM Thersia May accepted her resignation. Rudd post is still nit filled her resignation come when Conserves prepare for London County Election May3, 2018.
British Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigned Sunday night after two weeks of intense pressure in a wrangle over immigration quotas.
PM office spokesperson said Prime Minister Theresa May has accepted the resignation of Rudd.
Rudd was appointed to one of the key jobs in May’s front bench after former prime minister David Cameron resigned in 2016 over the result of the EU referendum. May had been Home Secretary in Cameron’s government.
The decision will be seen as a bitter blow to May who saw Rudd as one of her strongest allies.
Rudd has faced intensive and continued attacks for several weeks after it was revealed that thousands of people who traveled to Britain in the 1960s from the Caribbean region faced possible deportation over their status, even though they had been granted British citizenship in the 1970s.
Rudd has faced intensive and continued attacks for several weeks after it was revealed that thousands of people who traveled to Britain in the 1960s from the Caribbean region faced possible deportation over their status, even though they had been granted British citizenship in the 1970s.
It became known as the Windrush scandal, a reference to tag name of the ship that brought the first load of Caribbean immigrants to Britain to help post-war rebuilding.
The wrangle intensified over the past few days over leaked memos purporting to show Rudd was aware of Home Office targets to deport illegal immigrants from Britain.
Rudd faced calls from the main opposition Labour Party as well as other minority parties to quit, but her cabinet colleagues backed her.
She had been scheduled to face what was expecting to be a bruising grilling Monday in the House of Commons over the leaked memos. One of the most damning memos was published in full Sunday by the Guardian newspaper.

North Korean peace move

Chinese Foreign Minister to visit Pyongyang to meet Kim  Jong-un for diplomatic relations  and to have glimopse of North – South dialigue for the ensuing US Trump visit.
US  official  said the North Koreas amicable dalogue to make korea peninsula freee of Nuclear fear is welcome step.
Russian Nuclear Titanic on maiden voyage.

Sri Lanka in debt trap

Another Asian nation in debt trap with investment of Chinese funding made without any investment calculus ansd it offtake the capital  race to the liability  instead of capital to its capitalising tendency.
 Sri Lanka, which has loaded up on Chinese-funded infrastructure, is sinking deeper into a debt trap as its currency weakens and economic growth decelerates to its slowest pace in 16 years.

Why India is still defence buyer ?

Indian defence equipment manufaturers except Bharat Electronics Ltd has achieved some indiginious expertise in radars but other Defense Research Design various organisation in DRDO HAL do not match the latest military and services requirements for army air or maritime.with periodic and long drawn of sanctions has also aggrieved the defence manufaturing bonanza.
We are more dependent on Russian India defence deals which has made bare minmium expertise to be in race but the joint venture companies with defence companies of Israel Russia UK France Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, is our utmost need to outreach to get to best indigineous equipment  in the sector of Rocket, Avaiation, Cargo fighters, plane, Maritime -Cargo Ships, Carriers ships, Submarines, nuclear missiles,  launcher from air – surface misseles with short to long range misseles we are making headways submarines to misseles.
India has been able to see to some important breakthrough but the ministry of defence need to make initiative to make an effort to bring best of technology of defence to our dispoal rather than acting as an ultimate authority for things crawl brawl at their levels the expertise of foreign companies need to be welcomed and nodal officer must visit defence global ehibition to rope in best of technology.
Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said April 11 at DefExpo, a biennial defense exhibition that opened in the city of Chennai on the same day.
 She later expressed doubts over pushing homemade equipment. “I can’t for a moment imagine that I will prevail upon them that they necessarily buy what is Indian,” she said.
India has the fifth-largest defense budget in the world, yet buys 60% of its arms from overseas. The Defense Research and Development Organization works on Indian-made products, but frequent delays usually render the equipment outdated by the time it comes off the production lines.The speed with which we prepare and make an efforts in traditional way we shall always  lag behind fifty years unless Research and Development gets modern outlook with latest technology given priority.
India’s defense industry received $5.12 million in foreign direct investment during April 2002 to December 2017, according to government  On other hand the  Service sectors and Mobiles or telecommunications industry each attracted $64 billion and $30 billion, respectively.
Red tape delay in decesion lack of experts at ministry desk in the ministry each tech innovation is an opaque commodity needs big bird eye view keeps the defence sector not crawl brawl.Most important is meritocracy must prevail on innovation and research and we must be absolutely  free from neoptism.New technoligy ought to given free hand tax holiday and other capital benefits.
Defence deals are subject to government  scrutiny but if prices are abnormally high the public scrutiny and Political pay out scams are the order of yhe day.
Political adherrances of defence deals are  trust deficit thus the manufacturing and technology  cost automatically escalate being big bite. Both public accountability and transparency in defence deals in paramount.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s  plan unveiled in 2014 to spend $250 billion on modernizing the military is slow to take off as lack of slow sluggish nature official slumper on decesion added to strict procurement rules, prolonged delays and red-tapism makes policy obsolete.
But ambition of the government is racing  to transform the sector with private holdibg of share sales of several state-owned defense companies, including Hindustan Aeronautics and Bharat Dynamics. Last year, Cochin Shipyard, the largest state-run shipyard to publuc  India plan exports in defence along with largest imports so as  to grow its arms exports to 350 billion rupees, and miilion employment.
To reduce imported bill of the arms, the draft policy is aiming for India to become a production base for various defense products such as fighter jets, medium lift and light utility helicopters, warships, missile systems, land combat vehicles, surveillance systems and electronic warfare systems an ambitious  dream but on ground the plan without ant man management  to excute tge plan hover in air an ideation of best security for the nation but executers denand creamy cake thus fail to rail.

Dead Zone in Gulf of Oman

Growing ‘dead zone’ confirmed by underwater robots in the Gulf of Oman
New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) has confirmed a dramatic decrease in oxygen in the Gulf of Oman part of the Arabian Sea. But the environmental disaster is worse than expected.
The ‘dead zone’ was confirmed by underwater robots called Seagliders – which were able to collect data in areas of water previously inaccessible due to the piracy and geopolitical tensions.
The robots are about the same size as a small human diver, but can reach depths of 1000 metres and travel the ocean for months, covering thousands of kilometres.
Two gliders were deployed in the Gulf of Oman for eight months. They communicated by satellite to build an underwater picture of oxygen levels, and the ocean mechanics that transport oxygen from one area to another.
Where they expected some oxygen, they found an area larger than Scotland with almost no oxygen left.
The research was led by Dr Bastien Queste from UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences, in collaboration with Oman’s Sultan Qaboos University.
Dr Queste said: “Dead zones are areas devoid of oxygen. In the ocean, these are also known as ‘oxygen minimum zones’ and they are naturally occurring between 200 and 800 meters deep in some parts of the world.
“They are a disaster waiting to happen – made worse by climate change, as warmer waters hold less oxygen, and by fertiliser and sewage running off the land into the seas.
“The Arabian Sea is the largest and thickest dead zone in the world. But until now, no-one really knew how bad the situation was because piracy and conflicts in the area have made it too dangerous to collect data.
“We barely have any data collected for almost half a century because of how difficult it is to send ships there.
“Our research shows that the situation is actually worse than feared – and that the area of dead zone is vast and growing. The ocean is suffocating.
“Of course all fish, marine plants and other animals need oxygen, so they can’t survive there. It’s a real environmental problem, with dire consequences for humans too who rely on the oceans for food and employment.
“Another problem is that when oxygen is absent, the chemical cycling of nitrogen – a key nutrient for plant growth – changes dramatically. Nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than CO2 is produced,” he added.
Computer simulations of ocean oxygen show a decrease in oxygen over the next century and growing oxygen minimum zones.
However these simulations have a difficult time representing small but very important features such as eddies which impact how oxygen is transported.
The team combined their Seaglider data with a very high-resolution computer simulation to determine how oxygen is spread around the north-western Arabian Sea throughout different seasons and the monsoons.
They found that the deadzone moves up and down between seasons, causing fish to be squeezed in a thin layer near the surface.
“Management of the fisheries and ecosystems of the western Indian Ocean over coming decades will depend on better understanding and forecasting of oxygen levels in key areas such as the Gulf of Oman,” added Dr Queste.
‘Physical controls on oxygen distribution and denitrification potential in the north west Arabian Sea’ is published in Geophysical Research Letters on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.
1/ For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact the UEA Communications Office / +44 (0)1603 593496.
2/ An embargoed copy of the paper is available via the following Dropbox link:
3/ The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a UK Top 15 university. Known for its world-leading research and outstanding student experience, it was awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework. UEA is a leading member of Norwich Research Park, one of Europe’s biggest concentrations of researchers in the fields of environment, health and plant

Women Creating Change

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

Women have the power to create real change!

Over the past few years we have seen some incredible women who have brought aboutpositive social change by sheer determination and resolve.

But often women don’t have the right support structure to help them in these long fights.

Sagar Media Inc, have you ever wanted to change something but didn’t know where to start? India is launching the third edition of of the “She Creates Change” trainingprogramme.

We’re looking for 30 women Changemakerswho are eager to run amazing and impactful campaigns on any issue that affects women in India – be it health, education, safety.

This year-long programme will impart campaign skills and most importantly build a community of support and collaboration.

You will meet women who face the same challenges and have the same aspirations as you and together you will work on some ground breaking campaigns over the course of the year.

If you have an idea or campaign and are excited about collaborating and supporting other women run their campaigns, click here to apply.

The ‘She Creates Change’ programme kicks off with a 5 day residential Learning Lab which will be held in Bengaluru from the 1-5 August 2018 and is followed by a year long online programme.

During the programme you will learn how to tell powerful stories and use the power of community building to run social change campaigns.

If this seems like just the thing you wanted,fill out this application form and submit it by the 10th of May.

Selected participants will have their course, travel and stay expenses sponsored by

If you know someone who may be interested in this programme then help spread the word.

I hope to see you there!

Nida Hasan
Campaigns Director – India

Congress in Karnataka

Karnataka asembly elections are scheduled on May 12 while the counting of votes is to be taken up on May 15.
“This election is also about broken promises of the @narendramodi Govt. Black money didn’t become white. People didn’t get Rs 15 lakh in their accounts. People’s money lost value due to demonetisation. They were made to stand in line to get their own money,” he said in a series of tweets.
“Modi also failed to provide employment and asked job aspirants to sell pakodas and check increase in fuel prices despite international crude oil prices plummeting,” Siddaramaiah said.
Unemployed are asked to sell Pakodas  International crude oil prices have fallen drastically but petrol/diesel prices keep increasing.  Corruption free Govt was promised, but Banks are being looted,” he further tweeted.
The mission in this election is also to defeat anti-development and communal BJP, besides opportunist JD(S), who are working together and also to protect the Indian Constitution from BJP who have plans to change it, the chief minister said.
“This #KarnatakaElection2018 the mission is to defeat anti-Development & communal BJP & opportunist JDS, who are working together.


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